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How do you use essential oil such as CBD oil?

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Some researchers believe that hemp plants contain more health benefits when all the compounds found in the plant — including its a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids — are taken together. The entourage effect suggests that all of the compounds in hemp plants interact and work together synergistically to provide a greater benefit.

How to take CBD?

If you have read about cannabinoid oil in-depth, you are aware of the numerous ways it can be consumed. Each individual’s body is different and hence, responds differently to these products. Each individual should try the different capsules, oils, and creams and find out which products work best for them. Most people report that the drops are the best and easiest way to consume oil but do not always have the best favor. Some people prefer the vape form because it has a faster onset but must be very careful regarding the carry oil. There is a risk of fatty acid pneumonia when using certain vegetable oils as the carrier oil.

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What quantity should I take?

A dosage that will be effective ranges varies from person to person and there is not a standardized guide for dosing. These products are not regulated by the FDA. It is best to read as much as you can about the products and consult your doctor before considering trying anything new. Most people report relief from a restful sleep and less anxiousness at lower doses such as 10-20 mg daily in divided doses and higher doses up 50 mg daily for those people seeking restorative relief. If you are a beginner, you should start with small doses and work your way up. Most people prefer to take divided doses throughout the day. Use the same ratio and dose for a few days, and observe its effect on you. However, keep it in mind that you should not take too much too quickly. A large dose of cannabinoids could cause GI cramping and be less effective. In the case of the oil, “Less is more” is more than often the case. With continuous practice and some patience, you will realize the quantity that works optimally for you.

How to store Oil?

All cannabinoids that are found within hemp are all-natural products and hence, they degenerate and breakdown with time. Thus, the best way to prevent degeneration and slow down the aging is to store it in a place with low-temperature settings and a dark place, away from sunlight. The best place to store the oil is in the refrigerator. Storage plays a very important factor in the longevity of CBD Oil and hence should be taken utmost care of. The shelf life of these products is estimated at 1 year but may vary.

How long does it take to affect your body?

For someone who is consuming the right dosage, it takes approximately half an hour for the oil to become effective. If you are a beginner, you will take some time to realize that the oil has started working and is slowly helping your condition. Gradually, you will start noticing improvement or the intensity has reduced. Since the calming is a very subtle one, it takes time for novice users to notice it.

How should you consume the drops?

If you are using the drops, you should take them sublingually by dripping the required number of drops into the spoon. Then, you should put the liquid right under your tongue for approximately 90 seconds and then swallow. If you wish to take your drops with a drink, you could do that too.

What are some hemp oil side effects?

Patients that are taking other medications should consult with their physician. There can be some interaction with the cytochrome P450 as researchers have found that cannabinoids are competitive inhibitors similar to grapefruit. It is very important that a list of your medications are reviewed with your physician to ensure that there are no interactions. If you have been told that you can not consume grapefruit with your medications, then you should not take cannabinoid containing products. To date, there has been no casualty that has been reported due to cannabinoid overdose. No impact has been observed on the nervous system, on the mood of an individual, or on their vital signs of an individual who has been using cannabinoid oil for over a while.

Will you get addicted to cannabinoid oil?

In the hemp plant, there are trace amounts of THC which is the compound responsible for the euphoria. There is usually no feeling high after consuming cannabinoid oil. Since, there is no psychoactive compound that is present in cannabinoid oil, the possibility of getting addicted is low. One could get hooked to all the relief and medicinal properties endow you with, but that’s about it.

Other points

In case you receive a tincture that is you are unsure about the contents, you should contact the seller and request an exchange. A number of hemp-based products in the market are manufactured in small facilities and are susceptible to human error. Hence, you should be safe!

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