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Dosing CBD Tincture: What You Need to Know

Tincture is one of the most common ways to dose CBD. The extract goes by a number of names, including the “hemp oil.” While it sounds a lot bolder than it really is, you can find tinctures that allow you to consume CBD in a safe and effective way without having to smoke cannabis to get it.

There are several companies like CW Hemp and Pure Therapy, that offer the best CBD oils because we they through the purification methods that are necessary. CBD has a way to provide a calming effect. However, if the CBD isn’t properly purified, there may be harmful metals and bacteria that can harm the body. CBD purification process can be done in many different ways with the most popular being C02 extraction and ethanol extraction. Now let's explore the benefits and disavantages of the two different processes.

Ethanol extraction involves heating up the cannabis plant to achieve decarboxylation (removal of carbon atoms from a carbon chain). The plant material is then soaked in ethanol for a period of time. The solution is then filtered from the plant material and the ethanol evaporates from the solution.

Ethanol extraction allows for the preservation of terpenes and other cannabinoids that can be lost during C02 extraction. However, chlorophyll also remain which can sometimes leave the bitter earthy taste that you can have with CBD tincutures that are derived from ethanol extraction.

C02 extraction produces a clean distillate which is less likely to have the earthy taste. One of the primary advantages of supercritical CO2 extraction is that it can be fine-tuned to extract specific compounds by adjusting the heat and pressure. This allows for more control over the purity of cannabinoids and flavor compounds present in the CBD oil extracted using this method.CO2 extraction can help to ensure that you benefit solely from the CBD in order to relieve pain, anxiety, and various other issues. This can be helpful if you are trying to avoid some of the hallucinogenic effects of too much THC. The dosage can vary dramatically from person to person. What works for someone else may be too much or not enough for you. This is why it’s critical to find the dosage of the best CBD oils so that you can get the most benefits. You can measure the dosage of a tincture with ease using a dropper. It’s recommended that you start with a couple of drops under your tongue. If you love the effects, that’s your dosage. Otherwise, you move up to 1/4 to 1/2 dropper in the next couple of days. Each day, you add another drop until you’re happy with the amount. If you move too quickly from dosage to dosage, it can make it hard to gauge the effectiveness and you can get an uncomfortable feeling.

Working with the purest CBD oil is also going to reduce the amount of THC. While there still may be trace amounts, it’s not going to be strong enough to cause any serious side effects.

The goal is to make sure that you’re happy with the CBD and that it’s solving your various health concerns. Since CBD can interact with various medications, herbs, and supplements that you may take, it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before using CBD oils. This way, you can get the seal of approval to take the CBD so that you’re not encountering problems with anything else that you may be taking. When you’re ready to see how a tincture can provide you with health benefits, shop products online. We’re here to answer questions and guide you through the products to ensure you find what’s right for you. After all, we want to ensure you’re happy with what you get in order to feel better through and through.

Please visit or our store in Alpharetta, Georgia to find out about the products that we have. We offer fast shipping to ensure that you can get our oils in hand to start to experience the benefits of CBD for yourself in no time.


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