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Benefits of CBN (Cannabinol)?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Research shows there may be a benefit of CBN in mood, sleep, and health. This article gives you some potential benefits of CBN.

Most people understand the benefits of CBD and THC. There are over 100 other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant which can be helpful to our health. This article will explore some of the benefits of CBN which has a promising future in helping with certain conditions discussed below.

What is CBN?

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CBN is one of the 100 other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBN was one of the first cannabinoids to be isolated. It is usually seen in higher levels as the cannabis plant ages. When THC is exposed to oxygen, it is converted to CBN which may account for some of the sedating effects found in aged cannabis plants. People are often hesitant to use cannabis-based products for fear of getting "high". However, there are many medicinal benefits to the plant that can help you with overall health and wellness.

Recreational marijuana has a higher percentage of THC, which in turn gives the "highness" that everyone associated with cannabis. Medicinal cannabis contains lower varying levels of THC and higher levels of CBD and other cannabinoids which counteract the "high" feeling that you can get with THC. This allows people to benefit from the medicinal benefits from cannabis without getting the unwanted "high". Now let us explore some of the benefits of CBN.

How does CBN work?

CBN has a very similar chemical composition to THC. Although it may primarily bind with the CB2 receptor, there is some interaction with the CB1 receptor. Studies show that CBN can act on the TRPV2 receptor, which is found to regulated several biological pathways in our body. By enhancing this receptor, you could potentially help with sleep, pain, inflammation, bone health, and lower blood pressure.

Benefits of CBN in a combination of CBD and THC

Due to the recent discovery of CBN's effects, there is very limited information on the benefits of CBN alone. It has made it very difficult to determine the true medicinal benefits of CBN on a larger scale. The initial studies are promising and make it very likely that there will be more substantial studies to come.

We may not understand everything about how CBN works but we do know that it has similar effects as both CBD and THC and is more effective when combined together. Now let us discuss some of these proposed benefits.

Most Potential Benefits with Sleep

There was a small study in 1970 that examined the effects of CBN and sedation in humans using aged cannabis. Researchers examined the effects of CBN alone, CBN and THC combined, and THC alone. THC alone did produce drowsiness. However, there was more pronounce drowsiness in the combination of CBN and THC versus THC alone. This has to lead the researcher to believe that CBN provides synergistic effects to the sedative effects of THC. On the contrary, there has been emerging research that shows the benefits of CBN in prolonging sleep time in mice. An analysis by Steeple Hill lab also found that 2-5 mg of CBN was equivalent to 5-10 mg dosage of Valium. These are very small but promising studies that show the usage of CBN in helping with sleep in combination with CBD and THC.

Anti-bacterial Benefits

In a lab setting, the researcher tested CBN on certain strains of bacteria that have been resistant to methicillin particularly called MRSA. CBN was found to be an anti-bacterial agent to three bacterial strains. It would be far-reaching to say that CBN could fight a bacterial infection. However, it could show promise in boosting your body's ability to fight infection.

“Until recently, most of the focus has been on CBD and CBN has been seen as a byproducts. However, recent studies are showing how benficial all of the cannabinoids can be working together.

Potential benefits with inflammation and pain

Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of cannabinoids and the effects on inflammation. Some studies have shown that CBN can influence the activity of the same neurons that the compound as capsaicin (a substance found any many topical pain creams).

CBN in higher levels formulated in CBD products may provide an effective alternative for dealing with problems with sleep and reducing anxiety. CBN shows the most effective promise for inducing sleep in combination with other cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. To learn more about CBN and our products, please book a session with our hemp specialist.

Here are some of the products rich in CBN:



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