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Benefits of Aromatherapy for anxiety

Aromatherapy has been there for a thousand years already and is proven to be adequate with conditioning the mind, the body, and even the soul. It is also known as essential oil therapy that uses natural plant extracts. Because of its significant effects on the psychological aspect, aromatherapy appears to be very useful for anxiety. There are several essential oils that you would probably want to check out and know how you would use those.

Bergamot Orange

There was a study in 2013 that proves the effectiveness of Bergamot Orange in anxiety relief, especially for those who await minor medical operations. No wonder, even now, using this essential oil in aromatherapy is popular. If you plan to purchase bergamot orange essential oil, online stores would be the best option.


Chamomile is best known for its great scent. It is like a daisy, having a sweet and soothing fragrance that helps you relax. This essential oil complements massage therapy and makes it even better, proven by a 2-week clinical trial involving cancer patients. Chamomile essential oil is also available online.

Clary Sage

This essential oil appears to be perfect for those who have urinary problems. Many people also say that clary sage, naturally, has anxiety-relieving properties. Thus it helps patients to relax during urinary examinations. It is also available online.


Lavender essential oils are undeniably the most popular. Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties and benefits with the muscles, this is said to have anxiety relief properties, too. Using this for aromatherapy relaxes patients who are about to undergo clinical surgeries. Lavender, however, seems to be overrated sometimes, though. You can buy one online.


In 2015, a study showed that lemon essential oil contributes efficiently to stabilizing anxiety levels. Overexposure with this is quite a risk, however. Hence it is suggested to stick on using minimal amounts in a controlled period of exposure. Not only that, the chance of getting your skin sensitive to sunlight increases as well. Lemon essential oils, along with citrus oils, are widely available online.


If you suffer anxiety and insomnia simultaneously, neroli essential oil would be the best fit for you. A study proved that it has a calming effect and has a delightful fragrance associated with sweetness and citrusy. Neroli essential oils, like other essential oils, are available online.


Roses are not just for valentines; these are possible for aromatherapy, too. Though studies somehow contradict their results, rose essential oils are still widely used in such therapy. Many people still claim its effectiveness in stress and anxiety relief. You can choose from a variety of rose essential oils online.


Though it fails to have several proofs, Ylang-ylang essential oils are not only claimed to have anxiety-relieving properties but contribute to self-esteem as well. It is available online, too.

Methods of Using Essential Oils

There are different options that you could choose from in using essential oils. Steam inhalation is a common one, along with applying to the skin and adding it with your bathing or shower routine. These are the simple ones that you could do by just inhaling and applying the oil directly. You can also use third party devices like diffusers and humidifiers. Some examples of diffusers are ceramic, lamp rings, ultrasonic, etc. Though it is possible, not all humidifiers support the use of essential oils. It has to be the perfect ones that you should use for precautionary purposes.

CBD Candles: Best Essential Oil Diffuser

A CBD candle is made of cannabis but is unlikely to have psychoactive effects—way different from what most people picture about it. It was proven to have significant effects on relaxation, anxieties, depression, and more. Also, using this has the same benefits as aromatherapy. CBD candles are also able to lighten the ambiance of a stressed environment, freeing the room's atmosphere as it fills it with the fragrance it has. If you are planning to buy, you could check out Pure Therapy MD: they are one of the companies that produce CBD candles with high quality. In general, CBD candles, though quite a taboo, is proven to be effective in soothing the mind and the body.


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